Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass [Free Download]

Educational Video Series focused on teaching Options Trading Strategies to Retail Traders in the same way that Professional Traders use these strategies to make consistently high % returns from Financial Markets. 


he Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) Video Series is THE premier educational Options Trading course globally available for Retail Traders.


+ POTM video 1 Defining the Mandate 1

+ POTM video 2 Defining the Mandate 2

+ POTM video 3 Filtering Options Trading Strategies for Usefulness

+ POTM video 4 Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 1 – Advantages

+ POTM video 5 Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 2 – Disadvantages

+ POTM video 6 Long Call and Put Options Formalized

+ POTM video 7 Naked Short Puts

+ POTM video 8 Naked Short Calls

+ POTM video 9 The Covered Call

+ POTM Video 10 The Covered Call Collar

+ POTM video 11 Index Options and Portfolio Hedging Methods

+ POTM video 12 Options Spreads 1

+ POTM video 13 Options Spreads 2

+ POTM video 14 Market Makers, Volatility – Greeks

+ POTM Video 15 Recap What We Have Learnt So Far

+ POTM video 16 Ratio Spreads 1

+ POTM Video 17 Ratio Spreads 2

+ POTM video 18 Ladder Spreads 1

+ POTM Video 19 Ladder Spreads 2

+ POTM Video 20 Volatility Masterclass 1

+ POTM Video 21 Volatility Masterclass 2

+ POTM Video 22 Long Straddles

+ POTM Video 23 Long Strangles

+ POTM Video 24 Strap Straddle

+ POTM Video 25 Strip Straddle

+ POTM Video 26 Strap Strangle

+ POTM Video 27 Strip Strangle

+ POTM Video 28 Recap and Exam Preparation

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Method 2 -  If you hate ads as much we do (although it is necessary to keep platform free), you can request direct google drive link by filling the form here. You can watch video without even downloading the course. You can also download as a single file. No popups, no irritating ads, no waiting time and no captcha.

If you make money following any method make sure you buy the course from original content creator. 

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