Follow Unfollow Instagram Trick- Why to or not to use it

If you are on Instagram, then I am pretty sure you are familiar with follow unfollow Instagram trick. There is a lot of debate going on follow unfollow trick on Instagram. For some people follow unfollow method has wondered but while others hate it.


Like everything in this world, follow unfollow method has its own advantage and disadvantage. It depends on which side of the table you are.

In this blog, we will discuss in details what actually is follow unfollow method on Instagram. What are its advantage and disadvantage? What is the Psychology behind this? How you can take advantage of follow-unfollow trick on Instagram? At the same time protect your account from them.

Be informed with every aspect of follow unfollow method and then it is your decision whether you want to implement this method or not.

First I will discuss the disadvantage of this method and how to protect yourself from these accounts. Then I will tell you exactly how you can use this method to grow your account.

The actual method of follow unfollow Instagram trick

The actual method is pretty straight forward. You join Instagram and post your first content.

You use hashtags.

Depending upon your choice of hashtags, the influencer in your niche starts following you.

You get excited. You start feeling proud of yourself. You feel that you have posted such amazing content that even such a big influencer has followed you.

In reverse, you also start following him/her in the hope of having actual meaningful relation.

Soon you realize a lot of people have started following and you start following their account.

Soon, the devil of follow unfollow method rises. Within a week a lot of these people have unfollowed you.

You start wondering what wrong you have done? Why people are unfollowing you? Is the content you are posting is not relevant?

No, my dear friend, none of the reasons are true.

You just became the victim of follow unfollow method.

Lots of influencers are using this method to grow their followers inorganically. They mass follow new account depending upon their niche and then unfollow them after a day or a week.

This is how follow unfollow Instagram trick actually works. The influencer will follow 200 people in a day hoping 100 will follow them back. This is a very realistic goal. After a few days or week they unfollow them with the hope that you didn’t notice.

The Psychology Behind 

You might be thinking why do people do that? What is the reason behind that? What is the psychology behind the follow unfollow Instagram method?

The reason is very simple. They want to present themselves as some kind of social influencer.

When they start doing follow unfollow method, their followers count goes up very rapidly. But since they are unfollowing most of them, the number of people they are following goes down.

Sooner they have lots of followers and they are following very few people. It makes them look like some kind of influencer.

For me, this is all about feeling powerful and good about themselves. From ancient time people have been playing this game. People want to be in a position where they can influence other people.

This has not changed yet. When you see someone who has lots of followers, you think that this man is making lots of sense. No matter what he is speaking is complete garbage.

The second reason is monetary value. They want to present themselves as an influencer who can influence the buying habit of their followers. They immediately become very valuable to the corporate brands for promoting their products.

There are many influencers who are getting paid a hefty amount to post on their Instagram account. Everyone wants to reach that position.

Who are they??

They are generally the marketers or bloggers who want to increase their followings as fast as possible. They want to grow at any cost.

They manage their account by using third-party apps like Mass unfollow for Instagram or Unfollow gram.

Identifying these follow Unfollow Accounts

The big question is how you can identify these accounts.

Actually, it is not that difficult. There will be some very obvious sign in their account.

1)    They have lots of followers but they are following very small no of people. This is the first sign of follow unfollow accounts. However, this is not the only sign.

So don’t judge all the account on this parameter. There are many genuine accounts who post awesome content and have grown their followers organically through the years. This takes us to our second point.

2)    The content is very random. This is a sure shot sign of follow unfollow account. If the account has some random and inconsistent content and yet have massive follower, then they are definitely follow unfollow accounts.

3)    They don’t post regularly. If you look at some of the actual influencer profile, they are very consistent on their posting. While follow unfollow account only post some random post promoting some products.

4)    Engagement is very low. Most of these accounts which only do follow unfollow day in day out have very low engagement on their account. You will not see lots of likes, comments or share on their post.

5)    Since most of their comments are bot-generated, they will appear very random.

You can check all these parameters and decide whether you want to follow them or not.

How to stop follow unfollow Instagram account for good

They are many ways to protect yourself from follow unfollow method.

1)    This one is the most obvious. Follow the content and not the people. If you don’t like the content, do not follow the person. It cannot get easier than that. If someone is posting amazing content, great follow them with all your hearts. They are some amazing people who are posting lots of value.

2)    Do not follow every person who follows you. There is no compulsion that you have to follow them back.

You might think that if you don’t follow them, you will lose your followers. Believe me, they are going to unfollow you even if you follow them.

Because they have followed you with the help of a follow unfollow app. There is a very good chance that they have not even seen your content.

3)    You can use a third party app like Followers pro for Instagram. This app can tell you, who is your real follower and who is not.

Follower pro Instagram follow unfollow

How can you stop follow unfollow Instagram accounts finding you

You can love them, hate them but you cannot escape them.

I know you are already hating me for this, but this is the hard reality. Players are going to play, haters are going to hate and followers are going to unfollow.

This is the way of social media nowadays. But there are certainly some of the precautions which you can take which can help you to fly under the radar of these accounts.

1)    Ignore them – Don’t get over obsessed with no of followers you have. Don’t lose your night’s sleep because your follower counts are fluctuating.

This is going to happen. Don’t worry about these people. They are not going to interact with your content or product anyway.

So even if you lose them, you actually lost nothing.

2)    Proper hashtags – Stay away from generic hashtags. Don’t use big broad hashtags with millions of post under them. For example, if you search #socialmedia there 14 million posts or #Socialmediamarketing there are 8.2 million posts.

Definitely, this type of hashtag gives more engagement and Instagram loves engagement. But the downside is that you are going to attract lots of follow unfollow accounts.

A lot of people are going to follow you and then unfollow you. As discussed in the first point, if you don’t lose your night's sleep over follower counts, go ahead and use these type of hashtag.

Personally, I use a lot of these hashtags. But if you don’t want to attract lots of these people attention, be very specific about the hashtag you are using.

So if you are a social media growth hacker who wants to attract other marketers then #socialmediamarketer can be a better hashtag. It has only 97,000 posts under it.

3)    Engage – Understand why social media became so popular. Try to understand the core logic behind this.

It helps to interact with people whom you may never meet in real life. You can do business with them, you can engage with them and you can socialize with them irrespective of where you live.

is absolute boundary-less virtual connection has made social media so lucrative. Use it this way only.

Talk to your followers, help them, solve their problems and you will find lots of genuine followers. Those followers who are genuine and creates awesome content follow them back.

4)    Awesome Content – Create awesome content. I know, you already know that. Everyone talks about it. After all, content is the king.

It is a lot harder than said. If you start doing that, you will get lots of genuine followers. Take inspiration from other content creators in your niche who are getting lots of engagement.

Advantage of follow unfollow Instagram trick.

Now you might be thinking that I am all against this method. I know lots of bloggers are condemning this method now. But, over the years, I have seen the same bloggers using this same strategy to grow their followers count and engagement.

But like I said earlier, everything in the world has two faces and so does follow unfollow trick. It completely depends whether you use it or become its victim.

You have to understand that if you are a new blogger or business owner who have just started your Instagram account, you don’t have followers. If you don’t have followers, no matter how amazing your content, product or services is, people are not going to see them.

There are millions of content creators who are creating awesome contents. You are competing against companies who have dedicated resource and millions of dollars in their bank account to grow their Instagram account.

You are competing against people who already have massive followers. You are competing against people who already have years of experience.

You don’t have that. You need some kind of hack to break into people’s feed. Follow Unfollow method is that hack. I know it is a complete asshole method and that’s why I have talked about all the disadvantages first.

But follow unfollow method give that initial boost.

However, you have to understand that if your content is not good, no amount of hack or marketing can help. So keep creating engaging content.

Hypothesis: Using a follow/unfollow Instgram trick will gain more followers but not engagement.

One hypothesis which is very common about using follow unfollow method is that you can get followers but not engagement.

This is so not true. The engagement has nothing to do with the method of acquiring followers. It only depends upon the content you are creating.

So let's take an example. You are using this method to target keto enthusiasts. You have followed all those people who are sharing content related to Keto. They followed you back.

Now if you can create engaging content in the keto niche, you are going to get engagement. But instead, you start sharing about paleo, your followers would not be interested.

Agorapulse did an amazing experiment on this method. They created four accounts and all of them increased significantly.

PC - Agorapulse

You might be thinking that these just followers count. You are wrong. Though the engagement rate was about the same—.8% vs .9%—every other stat was WAY up:

•    Link Clicks:  587 up to 846

•    Likes:  1.3k up to 2.3k

•    Replies: 345 up to 655

Massive increases across the board during this growth period.

So, engagement remained the same more or less but other parameters like Link click, likes and replies went significantly up

Precautions while using Follow Unfollow Method

1)    Use of Tools – If you are using any tool to perform this activity, you should be careful about the Term of Services Instagram. Some tools are compliant while others are not.

2)    Go slow – Do not get greedy. Increase your followers slowly. Instagram has limits on how many people you can follow unfollow per day. I will recommend not more than 100 each day. If Instagram finds you are going above the safe limit, then it can ban your account for the next 24 hours.

3)    Follow Accounts Strategically – Do not go on the following spree. Follow based on hashtags, location, demographics, niche. If you are a local business, make sure your followers are in the same area. Else your engagement will fall down.

4)    Do not Unfollow fast – Some people unfollow in less than 24 hours. I personally recommend you to follow for at least a week. If they are posting interesting content, then keep following them else unfollow them. Second, not everyone is using Instagram every day. Give them a chance to follow you back. If you unfollow in less than 24 hours, they will not even know that you followed them

What people say about that

If you’re playing the follow/unfollow game, you’re essentially stunting your growth as a blogger or social media influencer. Sure, you may have ‘grown’ number-wise, but you aren’t actually genuinely growing as a blogger, influencer, collaborator, or person. When you focus your energy on building up a following in an inauthentic way, you’re really just hurting your influence (credibility, community, engagement). ” – Coffee with Summer

We have been using Instagram automation for years with much success. We have proven that the follow/unfollow strategy is one of the most effective ways to gain Instagram followers. As an example, one account that we help managed grew to 90k+ followers in just under a year with this method.” – WorkMacro

Final Conclusion on Follow Unfollow Instagram Trick

People love followers. Nobody can deny it. Whether it is me, you or any of those bloggers who are condemning this method. It is your social currency. The more you have, the more you want.

So this method is here to stay. Whether you like it or do not like it. People will follow you and then unfollow you.

But one thing is sure. This strategy still works. You can use this method to grow your following and engagement.

I have given you everything you need to know about follow unfollow instagram trick.

It is up to you how you want to use. Now you have all the information. The good, The bad and The ugly. Now, you need to make an informed decision.

If you want to protect your account from follow unfollow accounts you can do that or you can this method to grow your account.

Do let me know in the comment section what is your opinion. I am just a curious learner.

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