How to choose a good Blog Name (25+ Killer Method)

One of the most daunting task when starting your own blog is choosing a good blog name. Many people get over-obsessed while others pay little attention to it.


Both are incorrect approach while choosing your blog name. You should definitely put some time before you come up with a creative blog name. Make sure you choose catchy blog name which sticks to your audience head. Something people can easily remember.

Many time people are too excited to start their blogging journey. They pick up a random blog name and start publishing content. Soon to realize that they don’t like their blog name and want to change it.

This is not the only reason why people have to change it. Many times people find out their blog name is very specific and they want to expand. The worst scenario is that your blog name is registered as a trademark and they have to change for legal reasons.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing the blog name, you should get right from the start. This is my fifth blog. I have made many mistakes while choosing my blog name. You can use my experience to find the best blog name.

Here is the list of ideas which can help you to choose a good blog name.

1.    Take Your Time to find a good blog name

Don’t rush through it. Take your time. Blogging is a serious and long term business. It’s a marathon and not 100 meters race. So spend some time doing your research.

I know it is an obvious point but seriously, do not rush through it. Check out all the options available to you. The blog name is permanent and cannot be changed again and again.

2.    Short and Simple

Sometimes, a few words can sum up the wisdom of a thousand.

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Try to keep your blog name short and simple. While it is not an easy task with more than billion domain name already registered.

But, it is worth trying if you are here for the long run.

Ideally, if you can find one-word blog name it is a gold mine. Keeping it less than 10 characters also has an added advantage.

Big problem with long blog name is that people cannot remember it.

Another problem with a long name is search engine compatibility.

Your blog name is the part of the title in the WordPress blog post.

“Optimized Blog Post Title|Blog Name”.

You can now understand why I am laying so much emphasis on the short blog name. Imagine how your blog would look like in search results if it is too long. It will look very spammy.

If you remove blog name from your search engine result, people will not remember your blog. They need to see your brand again and again.

So for example, Nathan wants to start blogging about his adventure travel journey. Suppose, he names his blog as “”.

I would say definitely not a good name. It’s too long, too generic and definitely not easy to remember.

3.    Easy to pronounce and remember

A good blog name should be easy to pronounce. Do not make it a tongue twister. People will remember your blog name if it is easy to pronounce.

For example –

It is so easy to pronounce and remember. No complex word at all.

Other perfect examples can be

Example of short and simple domain name

It is said people on the internet have an attention span of less than 6 seconds. If they cannot remember your name, they are not coming back to your website.

4.    Too Narrow – A Big No

This is the most common mistake which new blogger do. They follow some so-called Guru who always tells to go as niche as possible. If you go too generic, you will never come on the first page of Google. This might not be completely false.

But, if you go very niche then there will be no business. On the contrary, if you go too generic then it will take much longer to rank your website. 

For example, You choose a blog name “BestPizzaInNewYorkCity”. You might be able to get this blog rank easily for best Pizza in New York City. But sooner than later, you will realize you want to grow your blog.

You want to write about pizzas in other cities as well. Or you may want to write about foods other than Pizza. Only to realize people will not connect with you. Neither Google will be interested in ranking your website.

So when you are coming up with a blog name, keep in mind that you will start niche but the end goal is to create an authority website.

So a better example would be or in case they are available.

5.    Incorporate your Blog’s Niche

Identify your niche. Think about your audience. Who is going to read your blog?

Use that to come up with a good blog name. For eg. If you want to write about the career then you can use words like career, skill, professional, in your blog name.

Similarly, if you want to write about photography then you can use a word like photography, lens, camera, etc. in your blog name.

This will help your audience to know what your blog is all about. It helps them to understand what you will be writing in the future and what they can expect from you.

The first example can be “”. You immediately know that she is a female blogger who loves and writes about blogging.

example of  Incorporate your Blog’s Niche

The second example can be This website obviously talks about how to make a website.

Incorporate your Blog’s Niche

6.    A Portmanteau

Portmanteau means “a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others”,

For example

Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast

Situational + Comedy = Sitcom

Information + Commercial = Infomercial

You can use this principle to come up with a good blog name.

A good example is Primility by Jerrod Morris (CopyBlogger). It is a combination of Pride and Humility.

7.    What’s Unique

Find out what is unique about you or your blog. How is different from millions of blogs in your niche. What separates you from them?

You can use that while naming your blog.

For example “FitSmallBusiness” started by David Waring and Marc Prosser is all about small business. While running their own business they realize that they were no real digital content available online. Most of the contents were written by big corporate houses or by generalist who had no real expertise.

What’s Unique blog name example

So they started FitSmallBusiness to fill that hole and hire real-world business experts for contents. This made them unique.

Another good example is “HappyBlackWoman” by ROSETTA THURMAN.

In 2010, she quits her 9-5 job to start HappyBlackWoman to share her personal journey about career and business. Today HappyBlackWoman is a global community that inspires, educates and empowers ambitious Black women so that they can create their ideal lives and businesses.

8.     Personal Name can be a good blog name (With minor limitation)

You can also use your personal name as your blog name. A lot of successful bloggers are doing the same.

If you want to go out in the market with your name, it helps you to build trust. People will be able to connect with you and your name. For e.g., if you are reading this blog, you have no idea who is behind this blog. Is it an individual or corporate?

But when you read a blog like, you know that this blog is run by person name Nia Shanks. That gives her extra brownie point as far as personal relationship is concerned.

example of personal blog name

Another great example is He is one of the best marketing bloggers in the world. He also runs a digital marketing agency under his brand name only.

However, picking a blog name the same as your name comes out with some limitation.

First of all, if you want to sell your blog someday, it will be very hard. Because you are the brand of your blog. Without you, it is a person without a soul.

Neil Patel himself admitted it on his blog why he wishes he never built a personal brand.

Wish I never built my personal brand

You see, the personal brand has limitation. It can not grow as much a company can grow. But it sky rocket the initial trust and connect with your audience.

So think of your long term vision before you come up with a blog name.

9.     Your Target audience

This is a smart way of choosing your blog name and has been used by best bloggers in the past.

They identify their target audience and then smartly insert it in their blog name.

It has a huge advantage. People visiting their blog immediately know whether that blog is for them or not.

There are many successful examples where bloggers used this exact method to come up with cool blog name. by Steve Strauss is self-explanatory. This blog is targeted for Self-Employed individuals.

Another great example is by Elna. From the blog name, it is perfectly clear that this blog is targeted towards a stay at home moms who want to start blogging.


10.     Match the name Formula

You can use this exact formula for catchy blog names. Let me explain the science behind this formula

[topic or audience group] + [end goal or transformation] = Blog Name

In this case, you choose the topic or your audience and then merge it with end goal or transformation.

Some of the examples are

[Target Audience - Nerds, misfits and Mutants] + [End goal – fitness ] =

[Target Audience –Moms] +[End goal – make money] =

You can even reverse the order as well. So you put End Goal or Transformation first and then target audience and topic.

Some good example can be.

[End Goal – Becoming Pro] + [Target audience – Blogger]  =

[End Goal – Become Succesful] + [Target audience - Blogger] =

So now you understand the pattern. This is one of the most popular methods of naming your blog.

11.     Unrelated Word

You can choose a completely unrelated blog name. It works sometimes. Especially if you want to stand out in the market.

Let’s say you want to start a fitness blog and market is already flooded with,,,, and so on (You get the idea). What should you do then?

In this red ocean, if you start yet another fitness blog with, it will be very difficult to stand out.

So many people use this method, to completely stand out.

The best example you can find is in the name of tech giants. Apple not a fruit but the most valuable company on this planet. Amazon not a forest but biggest marketplace in this world.

Some company has changed the way we speak. They create a powerful brand with these unrelated words. We don’t say let’s search on the internet any more we say “Google it”. Or we don’t say “Message me”. Instead, we say “Whatsapp me”.

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You can juggle your brain like that to come up with ideas for a good blog name. It will help you to create your own brand name.

12.     Other Language

"The Limits of My Language are the limits of my worlds" -- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Many time you will find it difficult to find your catchy names for blog in English. With close to two billion domain name registered, it’s not easy to find a good blog name which is short, simple and easy to remember.

You can then use words from some other language for your blog.

For eg. This blog, Mozo is actually a Spanish word which was used for male servants or attendants in ancient time. But then the internet and technology came and it was used for internet zombies. But when these techies and internet geeks started to rule the world it was used for more than awesome.

According to the urban dictionary it means

After more frequent use of Awesome and in later times, the internet abbreviation of Awesome, namely ozom, it came a time once again to give the free people of the digital world more variety and emphasis. Hence came forthwith mozo. If you really feel that something you have experienced is more than Awesome, even more than ozom, you can now utilize mozo! Not only is it a clever reverting of ozom, it means More Awesome.

So you can use similar tactics to come up with blog name for yourself as well.

13.     Use Abbreviations

The abbreviation means “A short form of a word or phrase”.

We use them all day during our digital chat. IDK (I Don’t Know), LMAO( Laughing my ass out), Pls or Plz (for Please) are some of the examples.

You can use some smart abbreviation to find some cool and catchy blog name.

If you want to start a humor-based blog you can choose blog name like or (Check for availability)

14.     Don’t Use Numbers and Special Characters

Numbers or special character should not be part of your blog name. If you have a brand which has numbers then you can use it. But, if you are planning to start your blog from scratch, it’s better to stay from them.

The number is still acceptable for me but definitely not a special character. It makes your blog difficult to remember.

However, I found some blogs in which hyphen should have been used to avoid confusion. Here are a few examples.

Dickson Web

Their web URLs is like which might be inappropriate at first glance. Definitely, he should have a hyphen in this case.

Speed of Art

Their web URL is which resembles more to speedo fart. So, a hyphen, in this case, would have been nice.

This is another check you can do while thinking of ideas for your blog. How it’s URL look like.

You will laugh your ass out when you will see this example

Who Represents

There Url is

There are using two colors in their logo to separate two words. But when you look like at their domain name, it is an embarrassment.

15.     No Brand Names and Trademark

You should not use Trademarks or Brand names in your blog name. Not even the part of those as you may be violating the copyright issue. They can even ask you to shut down the entire blog for which you have worked so hard.

For eg., You love Nike shoes and you start a review blog about Nike as “”.  As long you are appreciating them it will be ok but any negative review they can ask you to shut down your blog.

Secondly, it limits the scope of your business. Suppose you want to expand your business and wants to write about other shoes like Adidas. You will not be able to do so.

So it’s better to avoid brand name and choose a generalized blog name. For the above example, “” will be a better alternative.

16.     Competitor’s Blog Name

Like any other business, in blogging keeping an eye on your competitor is very important. For choosing a good blog name, you can do the same.

Do your market research. See what kind of name your competitors have. Check if that conveys the correct message and reader are able to connect with them or not. What is working for them or not working from them?

I am not asking you to copy their blog blindly, but it will help your creative juice flowing. You will get more ideas and will not get stuck.

For eg., look at the name of two big blogs in shoe niche. One is called Sneaker News while other is Footwear news. Similarly, you can draw inspiration from your competitor blog.

Competition blog name example

17.     Best Name Generator

Even after all the above example, sometime you might get stuck. Don’t lose hope.

Because there is tools or apps for pretty much everything in this world. So not to our surprise, there are tools which can help you to generate awesome domain names.

These tools will even tell you whether they are available or not.

You can use some of these tools while brainstorming ideas for the blog name.

a)    Lean Domain Search – This tool helps you to find the great available domain name in seconds. Just enter the keyword and it will tell all the possible domain available for your blog.

Lean domain search

b)    NameMesh – Another great tool, you can use is Namemesh. It suggests domain name based on synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, short URL and new gtlds.

blog name generator Namemesh

There are many such domain name generator which you can use to find your blog name.

18.     Related words or Synonyms

Thesaurus is a perfect tool for finding related word or synonyms. This is an extremely powerful tool when you are trying to come up with a new name for your blog.

It helps you to think outside the box. Sometimes you just need one word to get you out of the stuck zone. You should definitely give it a try.

Thesaurus is a gold mine of inspiration. Especially if you are looking for some word in a different way.

For eg., it is impossible to get a domain like but we can play around word tips. A quick search on word tips gives results like bang, bug, buzz, clue, dope, whisper.

Thesauraus blog name

If used with the correct phase you can have an amazing blog name.

19.     Play around your perfect blog name

Many times after a lot of thought process, you finally come up with your perfect blog name only to find out it is registered. It is very frustrating. But do not give the idea of using that blog name.

There is a perfect tool for that.

Panabee helps you to find outs a way to keep your idea alive. It provides numbers of suggestions which are closely linked to your original blog name. It uses ranges of methods such as adding prefix, suffix, altering a few letters and so on to come up with alternative blog name. To your surprise sometimes they are even better than your original idea.

Panabee blog name generator

20.     Try removing a few letters

This is the exact method which I used in one of my startup (which was not successful). But we were able to pick up a cool domain name.

It was a job referral site. We wanted the name as But this was already registered. So we went with a name To tell you the truth, I liked it even more than the original one.

They are plenty of examples like (with extra R) or (Remove ‘e’) and you can do the same with your blog.

21.     Check Alliteration

Alliteration means

the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

You use alliteration in your daily life without even realizing. It is almost a musical quality. It allows a sentence to flow fluidly from one word to another and is incredibly addictive.

Try using alliteration by using the same first letter in your blog name. Some examples from the top of my head could be “Buy Business Basics” or “Fitness Freak Forum”. These are pretty good blog names.

I am sure you can come up with something even better.

22.     Ask your Friends and Family

One of the most underutilized resources which we have at our disposal. Nowadays we don’t discuss a lot with our friends and family.

They can be a great help in coming up with blog name ideas. You can just survey them or even simply just let them know your blog name. See their reactions and ask them if they have any suggestion.

23.     Your Blog’s Tone

This method actually works very well if you are planning your blog to be humorous or pun intended. You can try your blog name to portray the wicked sense of humor.

Some examples which I have seen online are Mommypotamus and witty-feed.

24.     Choose The Right TLD (.com is best)

.com is still the king. It is always better to go with .com name. You might face some challenges as more than 1.8 billion domains have been registered till date. But you can always come up with some name with so many methods explained.

In case .com domain name is not available then you can use other popular TLD like .net or .org or .co. Stay away from spam looking extension like .xyz or .store.

You can also use .io if your blog is related to tech. Another good extension can be country specific like .us (for United States), .de ( for Germany ), .au ( for Australia ) or .in(for India).

25.    Check social media for the availability of name

This is the part which most people forget. Whenever you choose a blog name, make sure social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are available.

To find out, you can go to and check whether social media name is available for your blog name or not. You can search for all social media at once.

blog name check on social media

Do let me know in the comment section, which method you have used to name your blog. Also if I had missed any point, comment below I will include it in the article and give you a do-follow link for your blog. 

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