TheMozo shares overpriced internet marketing, trading, self improvement and other related course that is already available or shared on the internet. All files are hosted at Zippyshare so you can freely download them without bandwidth limit.

How to download the courses?

We are sharing the courses for free but we also need money to keep this website alive. Thus, we chose display ads and used a url shortener ad network (instead of donation so everyone has the chance to contribute without spending money) to pay for web hosting and compensate for our webmaster’s team

Because of this, it might get tricky for you to download the files if you’re not familiar with url shorten network.

So here are the steps on how to download the courses:

1. Click the download link. You may need to click 2x because of popup ads. If this happens, just close the ad and click the link again.

2. Do the Google captcha. You need to turn off your adblocker here and refresh the page (if you’re using the adblocker).

3. Click the Continue button. You may also need to click 2x or 3x because of popup ads. Just click 3 and close the pop ads.

4. Wait for 12 seconds

5. Click on the ‘Get Link’ button. Another popup will appear here. Just close it and click the button again.

6. If you click the Zippyshare links, you’ll be redirected to Zippyshare. Click the ‘Download Now’ button. Another popup will appear here, just close it and click the button again.

How to Download the Course 1

How to extract the downloaded files?

Zippyshare only allow 500MB for each files. Thus, we split each course into multiple parts using 7-zip archiver. If you don’t know how to extract a multi-part archive, here are the steps:

1. Download all the files. Make sure you don’t chae the file name and extension.

2. Extract the first zip file with 7-zip or Keka (Mac).

3. Enter the default password: if it asks for password.

4. Wait for the extraction to complete. 7-zip will extract the contents from all zip files.

And, you’re done! No need to extract the other zip files. Or should I say, you can’t extract the other zip files because only the first zip file is the entrance to heaven. That’s it!